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Dryer Repair in Scarborough

If your dryer is heating or not working at all, QA Appliance Repair Scarborough can repair it in no time. Our appliance technicians will fully diagnose your appliances and provide you with a price quote before they begin the repair. Our Scarborough location can serve customers anytime 24/7 and give you cost effective services. You should contact QA Appliance Repair Scarborough for any issues you have with appliance of any brand or model.

Common Dryer Issues:

  • the machine is not drying clothes
  • The appliance is making noise
  • It takes too long to dry clothes
  • The drum is not spinning
  • The appliance is not turning on/off
  • The machine is overheated
  • Heating issues

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Dryer Repair Anytime

QA Appliance Repair Scarborough can repair your commercial or home appliances at any time. If your dryer suddenly stops working or stops drying clothes after a while, we can help. Our Scarborough location is open to help fix your broken appliances any time of the day or night including weekends and holidays.

On-Time Dryer Repair Service

If you have a busy schedule, we can make a service appointment according to your needs to repair your appliance. Our prompt technician will arrive at your location to fix your drying machine on your scheduled appointment. We provide fast, affordable and on-time appliances repair services in Scarborough.